About Hospital

Value Statement

  1. To be the hospital of choice for patients, physicians and employees because of our eminent care centre and nursing programs.
  2. To be well recognized as a comfortable medical organisation.
  3. To be the academic center of choice for residents and healthcare professionals.
  4. To be a prominent organisation known for meeting healthcare needs through incomparable care and wellness programs.
  5. To have excellence in research, treating, and practice.
  6. To Value respect, diversity, integrity, and accountability.
  7. To achieve Global perspectives and leadership in nursing and health care.
  8. To treat all people with dignity, open-mindedness, and esteem.
  9. To behave ethically, honestly, and fairly.
  10. To take responsibility for our actions.

Work Culture

The culture at Sanjeevini Hospital is centered on our values. Demonstrating these values will help us achieve our vision as well as become the provider of choice and employer of choice in our area. Our pledge is to show our commitment to these values by integrating them into our care, our duties, our communications and our daily lives.

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Hospital: Sanjeevini Co-Operative Hospital
Address: K.R.Puram ,Hassan
Telephone: 267405
FAX: 250218
E-mail-1: sanjhsn@gmail.com
E-mail:-2 scohhassan@gmail.com
Website www.sanjeevininursing.hpage.com